About The Manual

1 Introduction

This manual was drawn up by the Nonprofit organization “Kanagawa Housing Support Center for Foreigners” to support and reinforce the consultation methods of municipal personnel and voluntary staff. It is a prefectural collaborative project between the “Kanagawa voluntary activity promotion Fund 21” and the “Administrative consultation in Multi-lingual and Improvement in consultation capability” started on 2005.

2 The information

The manual contains information of numerical values and support systems as of Jan 1, 2007.

3 The meaning and the purpose

About 160,000 foreign people from 165 countries and areas are living within Kanagawa prefecture as of 2006; however, many people live in isolation suffering a lot of difficulties in language, manners, cultural differences and misunderstandings.

In order to provide efficient support for these people and solve their problems, this multilingual manual was drawn up and distributed. Various cases and responses are introduced for municipal personnel and voluntary staff who make efforts to help such people of foreign nationalities at the administrative and consultation counters of municipalities.

4 Features

  • The item, "Usage of the Manual" specifies: a) Understanding consultation methods, b) How to clarify the consultation process according to clients’ living conditions, c) How to comprehend the details gleaned from consultations.
  • According to the consultation levels, "Fundamental questions and replies", "Supposed questions and backgrounds", "Derived questions and replies" are specified in the classifications, items and contents.
  • Special windows, specialized agencies, and a guidance for derived consultation are specified.
  • Translation in ten languages for this manual is the final intention.

5 Proposed users

  • The personnel of administration windows ・Counselors of international exchange associations and social welfare councils
  • Welfare commissioners and juvenile committees, Counselors and volunteers of consultation windows
  • Social workers,Childcare workers and school teachers

Administration Window MultilingualManual(English)

2007年3月(Updated in 2010)

About This Manual

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