9 Maternal and child health

Pregnancy and childbirth Family planning and Contraception 9-1-1

Pregnancy 9-1-2

Regular check up, Health guidance 9-1-3

Maternity leave, Child-care leave 9-1-4

When you had a baby 9-1-5

Delivery expenses, Midwifery systems 9-1-6

Medical treatments for prematurity's 9-1-7
Childcare Infant health services 9-2-1

Vaccinations 9-2-2
Support of medical expenses Medical expenses for hospitalization and ambulatory 9-3-1

Child's chronic diseases 9-3-2

Child's tuberculosis 9-3-3

Single-parent households 9-3-4

Handicapped child's support and rehabilitation 9-3-5
Fostering Expenses of fostering 9-4-1

For child who have no fosterers 9-4-2

Family support centers 9-4-3
Preschools Nursery hours 9-5-1

Nursery fees 9-5-2

Entrance application 9-5-3

How the environments in preschools 9-5-4
About DV What is DV ? 9-7-1

Where you can consult ? 9-7-2

Regulation of Spousal violence prevention 9-7-3

Child abuse 9-7-4
Care of child's feelings Waver condition by divorce 9-8-1

Truancy 9-8-2

Counseling 9-8-3

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