5 Social Welfare

Structure of welfare Livelihood Protection 5-1-1

Child welfare 5-1-2

Welfare for Mother and Child, Widow 5-1-3

Welfare for senior citizens 5-1-4

Home Nursing Care Insurance 5-1-5

Welfare for the Handicapped 5-1-6

Welfare commissioners / Juvenile committees 5-1-7

Social welfare council 5-1-8
Money and Shopping Daily shopping 5-2-1

Deposit, Saving and Remittance 5-2-2

Cooling off 5-2-3

Consumer finance 5-2-4

Personal bankruptcy 5-2-5
Any trouble ? Police Box 5-3-1

Legal aid services and Public advice center 5-3-2

On-duty lawyer, Judicial scrivener, Public notary system 5-3-3
Post, Telephone, Internet services Mail Services 5-4-1

Telephone subscription&moving 5-4-2

Public telephone 5-4-3

Subscription of a cellular phone 5-4-4

Subscription of the Internet 5-4-5

Internet cafe 5-4-6
Driver's licenses To change a driver's licenses 5-5-1

Acquisition of a driver's licenses 5-5-2
Transportation Railroads 5-6-1

Bus 5-6-2

Taxies 5-6-3


Cars, Motorbikes, Motorized motorbikes 5-6-5

Bicycles 5-6-6

Traffic accidents, Automobile insurance&Mutual aids 5-6-7

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