2 The Usage of the Manual

Before starting consultation Objectives of the manual (What the manual was drawn up for) 2-1-1

Consultation process according to various circumstances 2-1-2

The main flow towards problems solving 2-1-3
Basic knowledge of consultation Consider the drift of consultation 2-2-1

Basic knowledge and attitude 2-2-2

Situations of foreigners living in the prefecture 2-2-3
Comprehension of contents of consultation Learn about this country, regions and Japanese language 2-3-1

(Greetings in each language)

Self-introduction form 2-3-2

Items related to consultation 2-3-3

To know about clients' living conditions 2-3-4

(Clients' case records)

Information slip 2-3-5

Introduction slip 2-3-6

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Administration Window MultilingualManual(English)

2007年3月(Updated in 2010)

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